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THE B.C. SPOT Prawn Festival will take place May 10 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at False Creek Fisherman’s Wharf
(1505 West 1 st Avenue). The eighth annual festival hosted by the Chefs’ Table Society of B.C., celebrates the
start of the spot prawn season, which opens on May 8 and lasts about six weeks.

The festival’s main attraction is the spot prawn boil. For $15, ticketholders receive a plate of three spot prawns
served with sauces, salad, and bread, as well as samples of coffee, beer, and wine. (Alternatively, $40 gets you two
tickets to the spot prawn boil, plus an insulated tote bag for purchasing fresh prawns at the wharf to cook at home.)

In addition to the prawn boil, the Spot Prawn Festival will feature…read more